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  1. 3 games to manage in a day, how would I even do it?

  2. So, I saw this while I was testing my mods on the server (map is de_rush, btw). Aside from that, there are some bugs on some section of the map and some FPS drop (especially on the middle part where grass particles are in). As the one who suggested the map, I feel responsible for this "dilemma". Don't fret! I already told her about this and .natalie is currently working on updating the rotation map list (and also some map listed on the list but are missing in-game). de_rush_v2 will be uploaded soon (along with the bugs and errors fixed. No more FPS drops!)
  3. I would suggest these: de_wanda de_corse de_rush de_boston de_tydirium_b1 (Star Wars <3) cs_meridian cs_classified (dark, gloomy version of cs_office) cs_east_borough (personal favorite) It's up to you what to put on the server :3
We are just a gaming community of friends we call family. We are REAL people playing games online. No BS or DRAMA allowed. If you like to be a part of this community please join us in game and get to know us. We are good people. lets talk REAL for a second! There are 2 types of people in your life. 1. The ones that are REAL 2. The ones that are fake. How to tell who is REAL and who is fake? The REAL people stay and work things out with you. No matter what the dispute. The fake ass people run their mouth and run to the enemy. Do not be a fake ass bitch please. Fake people do not look good.