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    SERVER RULES! =Updated 8/2017

    By Admin,


    Read Me First

    By charlie22911,

    The following is a work in progress...

    Guidelines - Suggestions from the admins:

    • Be competitive - I believe having to defend against other players encourages teamwork and builds friendships; these are PVP servers.
    • Don't be an ass - Don't  grief\troll\bully or otherwise make someone feel unwelcome; unless of course you want it done back to you.
    • Be considerate - Unlike other games we play this is a more kid friendly game, I'd ask that you be mindful of that fact.

    Rules - Will be enforced without exception:

    • No racist or inflammatory structures or conversations will be tolerated.
    • Exploiting the servers via modded clients or hacking is forbidden.

    General Info

    • As of right now there are only 3 admins on the servers: A good IRL friend "PLP1980", Natalie, and myself.
    • Due to the extreme damage that can be caused by a stray command, admin is only held by people I trust; I will not be accepting other admins.
    • These servers are hosted on a dedicated box on a home connection, this means my IP is dynamic; use the DNS addresses in the posts below to add my servers.
    • I have atypical network security in place, if I find you in my IDS\IPS logs then you will stay where you belong: blocked.


    Installing modded Minecraft:

    *This short guide assumes preexisting familiarity with setting up software on PC. If you have any suggestions on improvement please let me know and I will update it as needed.


    • You will need to have purchased a copy of Minecraft and have a mojang account.
    • Have a Twitch or Curse account, Twitch acquired Curse so either will work. 
    • Use a somewhat modern PC (I've comfortably played on a tablet with 4GB ram and dual core i5 U series using integrated graphics)


    Step 1 - Download and install the Curse\Twitch client from: https://www.feed-the-beast.com/

    Step 2 - Log in, you can use a Twitch or Curse account.

    Step 3 - Click the gear at the bottom left on the purple bar.

    Step 4 - Click "Minecraft" on the left, toggle "MOD MANAGMENT" on, click "Yes, Enable Minecraft" when prompted.

    Step 5 - Click the "Creeper Face" on the left purple bar under the game controller icon.

    Step 6 - At the top click "Browse All Modpacks", scroll down to "FTB Infinity Evolved" and click install.

    Step 7 - Click "Play", you will log in with your Mojang\Minecraft credentials here.

    Step 8 - Click Multiplayer, See below posts for server info.

    Step 9 - Add a server by clicking "Add server" button, type a name and address here.

    Step 10 - Click "Join Server" and say goodbye to significant chunks of time. Should you need it, the wiki is super helpful: https://ftbwiki.org/Feed_The_Beast_Wiki



    • If after starting the game and adding the server you get a red X that indicates "Server out of date!" when you hover over it, you have inadvertently started the latest vanilla version (1.11.2 as of this writing). 
    • To fix, when you start the game and the launcher appears, click the green arrow to the side of the green play button and select "FTB Infinity Evolved" in place of "Latest release".
    • If you need immediate assistance, hit me up on discord!


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