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  2. Rotation server maps

    so far what i have de_dust2_unlimited de_nightfever de_losttemple_pro de_season de_cpl_mill cs_office de_villa de_rush cs_classified de_aztec cs_italy de_russka de_inferno de_nuke de_dust
  3. de_dust de_nuke de_inferno de_russka cs_italy I also think it might be interesting to toss in something like fy_iceworld.
  4. Rotation server maps

    I'm down for whateverrrr
  5. Rotation server maps

    Pretty much this server is how ever you guys want it to be. it can be 10-15 maps, with like 4 switchable maps. Say nightfever is a switchable map, that would mean next week we would switch it out for another map. Voting is how we will determine what map is perma and what maps can be switchable.
  6. Rotation server maps

    de_aztec cs_italy lol I'm not sure what else that hasn't already been said
  7. Rotation server maps

    Yeah, what he said! so= whatsa 8-10
  8. i would like you guys to give me map suggestions for the rotation server. So far i have these map suggestions from Sk1ttlez and mamabear de_nightfever de_losttemple_pro, de_russka de_season de_cpl_mill vegas_css cs_office de_villa
  9. Love you guys!!!!

  10. Charlie

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