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    24/7 Dust2/Office Realgamerz.net
    24/7 Dust2/Office Realgam…
    Players: 4 / 36
    Current Map: de_dust2
    REAL csgo Casual server
    REAL csgo Casual server
    Players: 0 / 10
    Current Map: de_dust2
    Total Servers: 2 2 Filled Servers: 8.70% Total Players: 4 / 46 Most Players: 20 Last Updated:
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  1. Announcements

    1. Server News

      All server news will be added and updated here.

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    2. Donations

      All donations will be used for the server and the Real Community, we truly appreciate any donations. 

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  2. General Area

    1. Introductions

      Introduce yourself, we are all a family here in Real. I promise, we do not bite.

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    2. General Chat

      Here we are able to speak to each other within the Community.

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    3. Help Forum

      Any problems? Here you can ask for help and the community will definitely get back to you with answers to any of your questions.

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    4. Media Area

      Share any music, pictures, and videos you want (make sure it is appropriate).

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  3. Games Area

    1. gameMe stats   (304 visits to this link)

      Server Stats

    2. CS:S Dust2/Office IP:

      Here you can discuss any issues you have with above server.

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    3. MineCraft!

      MINECRAFT! Server  you go to can be posted here.

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  4. Fortnite

    1. 1
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  5. Ban Area

    1. Banlist   (33 visits to this link)

    2. Protest a ban   (15 visits to this link)

    3. Report a player   (15 visits to this link)

    4. Appeals

      If you have been banned and your protest was denied, you can post here your side of the story. Please keep it respectful, or you will not be heard. If you feel you were treated unfairly please post here. Again keep it respectful if you want to be heard.

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  6. Real Members Area

    1. Admin Guidlines

      Here Admins need to read, understand, and sign so everything in the servers run smoothly.

    2. Announcements

      Any new announcements for members will be added here.

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    3. Report a Player

      Report anyone who is not Real worthy or needs to be handled within the Servers.

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    4. General Chat

      Real Members chat 

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    5. MIA

      Let us know if you will be away for awhile.

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